Workshop — Nymans Smash Repairs in Tamworth, NSW


What started as a smash repairs service shop has grown into so much more today. Founded in 1977, Nymans Smash Repairs has gone from being a one-man operation to having an entire team of professionals to provide a full range of body work services for vehicles that have been in accidents, or those who just need body work done. We have created a quality control process that takes multiple steps to ensure that every piece of metal we use, every tool we work with and every finished product is flawless.
Here are our credentials:
  • Licensed body maker
  • Licensed motor mechanic
  • Licensed panel beater
  • Licensed painter
    We also offer some commercial contract services in the Sydney area upon request. If you have body work that needs to be completed on time and within budget without sacrificing quality, then you need Nymans Smash Repairs.

    When to hire smash repair services

    There are numerous times when you may need smash repair services, even if you haven’t been in a serious accident. We are experts at handling cars that have been deeply impacted by an accident or have been severely damaged by other means, as well as less severe forms of damage such as minor scratches and dents. We have top of the line paints and equipment to ensure a professional job, so you won’t even be able to tell that your vehicle was ever in an accident.

    Check out our full range of services, or go ahead and contact us to get a quote on your upcoming job. We’re always happy to serve!