Sheet Metal Body Fabrication

Sheet metal body fabrication in Tamworth

In cases of car accidents or incidents that result in severe damage, your vehicle may need extensive repairs. That is why we offer sheet metal body fabrication to get your car or truck back to looking like new again. Even if you have severe dents or a near-total loss to the body of your vehicle, we can use our fabrication skills to design, mould and create a whole new body for your car so that it looks brand new. You will be amazed at the results.

Nymans Smash Repairs in Tamworth not only has a crew of skilled personnel to take on your projects, but we also have all the latest equipment to help us get the job done right the first time, every time. We can even take on larger vehicles and equipment, so even if you have a recreational vehicle or are with a company with a fleet of buses, we can help you get things in top-notch shape once again. Nymans has been in the industry since 1977, providing our community with superior service at affordable prices.
Metal Fabrication — Nymans Smash Repairs in Tamworth, NSW

Need sheet metal body fabrication?

If your vehicle has been in an accident and has extensive damage, you may need sheet metal body fabrication. If you aren’t sure, we will be happy to have a look at your vehicle to determine what needs to be done and to assess the damage. Then, we can offer you an accurate quote for the work that needs to be done. Once we get to work, we will fully repair, repaint and ensure your vehicle is roadworthy. We not only offer extensive body work, but also engine repairs and other mechanical services, so we’ll repair your car from the inside out.